Meet Our Team

11 Team Members
  • Vickie


    Dental Assistant

    Vickie is a dental assistant at our facility and works to provide quality dental care and treatments to all of our Wichita Falls, TX patients.

  • Dr. Rafael A. Perez

    Dr. Rafael A. Perez


    Dr. Rafael A. Perez is an experienced and highly skilled dentist who offers quality and customized care for his Wichita Falls patients.

  • Lyndie


    Dental Assistant

    As a dental assistant, Lyndie works alongside our dentists in a number of advanced dental treatments and procedures at our facility.

  • Dr. Sarah Fritzsch

    Dr. Sarah Fritzsch


    Dr. Sarah Fritzsch takes pride in offering quality dental and patient care to her patients through innovative treatment options at Stone Lake Dental.

  • Lindsay


    Dental Hygienist

    Lindsay is a dental hygienist who helps to enhance and maintain the oral health of her patients, as well as provide them with at-home care education.

  • Krystal


    Dental Hygienist

    In her role as a dental hygienist, Krystal enjoys providing her patients with preventive dental treatments to help enhance their oral health.

  • Heidi


    Dental Assistant

    Heidi is a registered dental assistant who helps patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment process and provides quality dental care.

  • Janet


    Dental Hygienist

    Janet is a dental hygienist who performs comprehensive dental cleanings and provides instructions on how patients can maintain their oral health.

  • Ka



    As a receptionist at our Wichita Falls, TX facility, Ka guides our patients through the check-in process and helps them receive timely treatments.

  • Darice



    Darice is a receptionist at our practice and works to provide exceptional care to our patients from the time they enter the door to when they leave.

  • Becky


    Dental Hygienist

    As a dental hygienist, Becky has been with our practice for over 41 years and provides exceptional care at our Wichita Falls, TX facility.