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Snoring occurs when air cannot freely move through the throat and nose while you are sleeping. The surrounding tissue will then vibrate, causing the identifiable snoring sound. It can greatly affect the quality of you and your partner's sleep and can be embarrassing for some. At Stone Lake Dental, our experienced dentists provide oral appliance therapy in the form of snoring aid appliances for individuals who suffer from snoring. With a snoring appliance, you can experience a deeper sleep with fewer disturbances caused by snoring. To learn more about oral appliance therapy, contact us in Wichita Falls, TX to schedule a consultation today. 


Snoring can be caused by a number of issues. These can include:

  • Sleep apnea – A breathing obstruction where breathing is temporarily halted and causes the sleeper to wake up throughout the night to resume normal breathing.
  • Age – Middle-aged and older patients tend to snore more since the throat narrows and the throat’s muscle tone decreases.
  • Weight – Overweight people have more fatty tissue and poor muscle tone in the throat, which both contribute to snoring.
  • Heredity – Some patients inherit traits that increase the incidence of snoring, such as more narrow airway passages, a narrow throat, and more.
  • Sinus and nasal problems – When the airways are blocked or the nose is stuffy, snoring is more likely to occur.
  • Substances – Drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking certain medications can cause a higher likelihood of snoring.

What to Expect

To create your custom snoring aid appliance, our skilled dental team at Stone Lake Dental will begin by taking digital impressions of your mouth. After your fitting in our office, you will be instructed to wear the snoring appliance every night consistently for optimal results. With the regular use of your snoring appliance, you can expect the alleviation of several symptoms, including loud snoring, nighttime teeth grinding, and chronic fatigue.


Keeping your snoring appliance clean is very important. While you complete your oral healthcare routine in the morning and evening, we recommend that you also cleanse your appliance at the same time. Then simply rinse, dry, and store your appliance in its specific container. Be sure to keep your snoring aid appliance in top-notch condition to ensure the best results. If you are worried that your appliance may be damaged, take it with you to your next scheduled visit to our facility to have our dental team closely examine and repair it if necessary.

Stop Snoring Today

Restful sleep is important to both your physical and mental health. Thankfully, with customized snoring aid appliances, you no longer have to experience snoring and can gain a better night's sleep. To learn more, contact our Wichita Falls, TX facility to schedule your initial consultation. 

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