Wisdom Teeth Often Need to Be Removed

The average person has four vestigial third molars develop in the gums at the back of their mouth. These so-called wisdom teeth often attempt to emerge at some point in the late adolescent years, which can lead to discomfort as well as other dental health complications.

If your son or daughter has started to complain about a dull ache in the back of their mouth or a related pain radiating from their temporomandibular joints, it’s best to schedule an examination with a dentist like Dr. Rafael A. Perez.

In most of these cases the limited amount of space at the back of the mouth can complicate the process. Sometimes an emerging wisdom tooth can start to turn at an unhealthy angle or become trapped deep in the periodontal tissues. If a wisdom tooth becomes impacted could eventually compromise the roots of your child’s rear molars.  

Most of the time the wisdom teeth can be removed from the gums during a simple outpatient appointment. Once the affected gum tissues have been carefully sutured Dr. Rafael A. Perez will likely provide them with a prescription for anti-inflammatory or other pain medications, which will need to be taken as directed.

You will be provided with any other recovery information which typically involves not drinking through a straw and sticking to a diet of soft foods. Occasional bleeding at the suture sites can often be minimized by having them bite down lightly on packed sterile gauze.

If you live in the area surrounding Wichita Falls, Texas, and your son or daughter has started to experience wisdom tooth discomfort, you should call 940-692-2851 to schedule an appointment at Stone Lake Dental.

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