Tongue Cleaning Tools

Your tongue is priceless. With it, you can speak with loved ones, form friendships, land your dream job, eat scrumptious meals, and even cleanse the rest of your mouth. Did you know that in order for it to do its job well, it needs your attention and care?

Your tongue is like a sponge; it cleans your mouth but in the process it picks up all kinds of bad bacteria. The more bacteria it contains, the less likely it will absorb the bacteria and the more likely it is to spread it all over your mouth. Your tongue is also less effective at tasting your delicious foods when it is covered in bacteria. Keep it spotless and it will help you clean and eat better.

So what’s the best tongue cleaning tool? There are three kinds to choose from: a toothbrush, a tongue scraper, or a tongue brush. If you seek the easiest option, simply brush your tongue with a toothbrush right along with your teeth and gums. If you don’t mind doing just a little bit more, however, you can buy a tongue scraper or tongue brush at your local drugstore. A tongue scraper is formed from a handle and blade which will safely abrade the surface of your tongue, ridding it of bad bacteria. A tongue brush is looks like a toothbrush but has bristles which are made specially to contact the grooves and crevices in the tongue. Both are effective options for deeper cleans.

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