Reinvent Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you ready to drastically enhance your smile through the use of cosmetic dentistry restorations? If so, our highly specialized team of dentists can ensure your teeth are brought to the new and higher level of beauty you desire. Cosmetic dentistry has been extremely popular in recent years thanks to their success.

If you have any missing or lost teeth, it is essential to have them replaced as soon as possible. The longer teeth go untreated, the greater the risk that tooth decay, gum destabilization, and tooth loss can occur. To cosmetically enhance your smile, dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures can be used to replace lost or missing teeth.

If you have any missing teeth, consider a permanent tooth prosthetic such as dental bridges or dental implants. However, your jawbone will need to be strong in order for dental implants to be placed. As an alternative, dental bridges are attached to the nearby or neighboring teeth. For a temporary replacement that can be attached as needed, dentures can be used and removed daily for your needs.

In order to cosmetically restore your smile with a high-quality tooth restoration, consider procedures such as dental crowns, dental veneers, dental bonding treatments, and teeth whiteners. Dental crowns and veneers are both customizable restorations designed to cover and conceal parts of teeth. Whereas crowns conceal teeth on all sides, veneers are designed to conceal only the fronts of teeth. Dental bonding treatments are designed to cover up surface stains and other damages that may have occurred, while tooth restoration treatments in the form of teeth whiteners can eradicate deep stains and discolorations naturally.

Don’t get left in the dark by having poor oral hygiene without cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you would like Dr. Rafael A. Perez and our team at Stone Lake Dental to bring you in for a comprehensive exam to determine if cosmetic dentistry treatments are right for you, please set up an appointment at our dentist office in Wichita Falls, Texas, by calling us at 940-692-2851.

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