How to Deal With a Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have an accident that forces a tooth to fall completely out of its socket, our dentist may be able to restore it to its rightful place. Before you arrive at our office, you may want to consider the suggestions below, as they can help us put the tooth back into place.

– Be careful to not pick up the tooth by the roots. They are delicate and easily damaged. Instead, pick it up by the crown.

– You can then rinse the tooth off with some water or milk to get the dirt off of it

– Once it is nice and clean, you may then try to reinsert it into the socket it came from. If you can get it in easily, then you can carry it all the way to the dentist. If it resists going back in, there is not need to fight with it. Trying to force it may only cause more problems.

– If you have trouble putting it in the socket, you can let it rest between your gums and your cheeks instead. You can also put it in a glass full of milk or water can keep moist. Milk may be the more desirable option, but water can work if that is all you have.

If you can, try to reach Stone Lake Dental, our office in Wichita Falls, Texas, within about 30 minutes of the accident. The tooth can be more likely to survive within that timeframe, and Dr. Rafael A. Perez can set it back into place. If you need a tooth to be treated or struggle with another dental issue, you are welcome to call 940-692-2851, and we will work to help you through it.

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