Have You Been Misled by Root Canal Myths?

Signs of an infected tooth, such as a bad toothache or swollen gums, may require root canal treatment. This restorative procedure is highly misunderstood and is avoided by many patients. We provide the truth behind many common root canal myths to help patients understand the important of this treatment.

Root canal treatment has gained a reputation of being painful due to past decades of poor anesthetic and techniques. The truth is that the pain you are experiencing occurs from a diseased tooth, and can be relieved as a result of receiving a root canal. Thanks to modern advancements in dentistry, this procedure is now as comfortable as the process for a dental filling.

Another myth is the correlation between root canal treatment and illness, but there is no supporting scientific evidence. In fact, treating an infected tooth with a root canal can reduce your risk of health complications by removing bacteria.

We also don’t recommending avoiding root canals by having a tooth removed, as it is always preferable to preserve the tooth when possible. While artificial teeth can be very effective, they are not quite the same as natural teeth and can cause you to have to give up certain foods. You may find that root canal treatment is less expensive than receiving a dental implant or bridge to replace a missing tooth.

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