DIY Whitening Methods vs Professional Whitening

Are you interested in understanding the pros and cons of professional teeth whitening treatments and DIY teeth whitening methods? The great news is that there is a method out there that is best for everyone. Each method has its drawbacks and its benefits. It would appear, that for those on a budget, the DIY methods may be the best choice, but these DIY methods might actually have more negative effects on your oral health than positive ones

Here at Stone Lake Dental in Wichita Falls, Texas, we are committed to providing quality professional whitening treatments. Our dentist, Dr. Rafael A. Perez understands that DIY methods can be very alluring because of their low price but wants you to know what is less understood about them; they may have negative effects on your oral health.

What is so great about many of the DIY teeth whitening methods available is that they can be done with things that you probably already have around the house. The dangers of these methods generally come into play because of human error. The misapplication and misuse of these methods can often be overly abrasive, and worn-down tooth enamel can result. The effects of worn enamel can be serious, as it leaves the teeth more exposed to plaque, cavities, further yellowing and tooth decay in general.

Even the store-bought at-home treatments can be risky because of misapplication. One example of this is when whitening strips are applied too high on the gum line and gum sensitivity results. Another problem that can result from the misapplication of at-home methods is uneven and blotchy whitening.

Professional whitening will provide the best chance of positive results, as our team is highly trained and understand what to avoid when administering our whitening treatments. We are here to help you achieve your whitest smile possible and hope you’ll come visit our office soon. If you would like to schedule a whitening appointment, please call 940-692-2851.

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